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RTI wants you to know that orders can take up to 2-4 weeks to ship as we are experiencing a large volume of orders and recent shipments of inventory. Also, due to high call volume, if you cannot get through please email me at or as that is the quickest way to get ahold of us. Thank you for your patience and understanding and thank you for your business!

- Royal Tiger Imports Customer Service


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If you purchased a C&R Firearm, new firearm, or antique firearm that requires an FFL transfer, C&R License, or Photo ID (only a photo ID is required for antiques to verify age), please include your order number with the FFL, C&R, or Driver's License email.

FFL Email:

Please note: For firearms orders that we have not received an FFL License, C&R License, or Photo ID such as a driver's license within 30 days, the order may be cancelled. Orders do not start processing until we have a license or ID if it is needed. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to Royal Tiger Imports!

Meet Our Team:

Ulrich Wiegand - CEO

Owner/President, International Liaison, Pilot, Entrepreneur, Commander of the Imperial Star.

Front Office:

Alissa - Office Manager

Collections, Sales, Customer Service (Emails, Voicemails, Chat, Calls, Handling Orders), General Office Tasks

Kiley - Customer Service

Collections, Sales, Customer Service (Emails, Voicemails, Chat, Calls, Handling Orders), General Office Tasks


Shaw - Warehouse Manager

Firearm Specialist (Selection, Repair, Gun smith), Web Design, Restoration Specialist, Fulfills special customer requests (Finding specialty parts, replacement parts, etc.), The general go to guy.

Trever - Gunsmith

Specialized AK and AR Gun Smith, and specialized Parts order fulfillment.

Junior - Shipping Manager

Shipping and Receiving, Processes incoming and outgoing shipments.

John - Compliance Officer

Compliance Officer, returns, exchanges, ATF traces.

Dan - Warehouse & Compliance Assistant

Assists with ensuring compliance is done in a timely manner and that all serial numbers are correct and accounted for. Helps wherever needed throughout the warehouse.

To Our Customers:

We are thankful to our loyal customers, and just ask for your patience while the team works hard to fulfill all orders and tasks to get back to the normal operating status. Thank you for assisting us in preserving history for generation to come. God Bless.

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Original WWII German Mauser K98 Original WWII German Mauser K98
Our Price: $999.99
2 in stock!
MAS 49/56 RIFLE MAS 49/56 RIFLE in Fair to Good Condition
Our Price: $699.99
6 in stock!
P17 Enfield Rifle  Caliber .30-06 United States Rifle, Cal .30-06, Model of 1917 Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks
Our Price: $999.99
7 in stock!
FN ETHIOPIAN MAUSER Rifle M1930 Cal. 8mm FN ETHIOPIAN MAUSER Rifle M1930 Cal. 8mm
Our Price: $799.99
4 in stock!
Our Price: $399.99
(Out of Stock)

"Valued customers, We at RTI turned our passion for historic firearms into a business. We know as a collector how important it is to get untouched historical firearms in original condition. Customer satisfaction is paramount. If you have any concerns or are not happy in any way, please contact our customer service department and we will do our best to assist you. As a direct importer we are able to bring you RARE Firearms and more at unbelievable low pricing."

Thank you for your business. God Bless.

ULI Wiegand, CEO.

What People Say About Us

"I just received my grade A kit. I paid 269.99 plus shipping. Arms of America and others charge way more. The kit is like new and my numbers were matching. Very happy. I will definitely buy more. Thank you so much."

- By Joseph, PA


"WOW what a find. I bought two of the Excellent to Unissued. I am not disappointed the muzzled erosion on one is zero and the other is zero + Really nice USGI stocks on both of them. One of them has a USGI sling and oilier. It smells like the tents we had in the Army I love that smell. I was so impressed I just ordered another one. I can't wait to get to the Range. :-)"

- By Dale, CA


"My carbine arrived, and carries very nice markings and matching numbers. These guns are next to impossible to find outside of this import. However, there are a few drawbacks. The bore is toast. A .323 diameter projectile falls about 2.5 inches down the muzzle before catching any rifling. While I would bet that this carbine is safe to shoot, the proverbial broadside of the barn is safe from this one. Next, I would strongly suggest trying to contact RTI and have them send you pictures of the exact one you will receive. For the money on these guns, you better get eyes on the exact one you will be purchasing. I found the staff to be rather helpful and accommodating when I was inquiring for my purchase."

- By Patrick, WI


Top Sellers

Original Romanian RPK 75rd. Drum Magazine
Our Price: $239.99
Original Romanian RPK Parts Kit Very good incl. 1x75Rd Drum Magazine
Our Price: $1,049.99
Romanian AK 47 30 round Magazine Surplus B-Grade
Our Price: $9.99
A Grade Matching Romanian Underfolder AK 47 Parts Kit
Our Price: $549.99

New Products

M1 Carbine Magazine 30 Rnd 2nd Type Original Condition
Our Price: $39.99
M1 Carbine Sling (Reproduction)
Our Price: $13.95
WWII K.98 Sling
Our Price: $19.95
M1 Carbine Magazine, 15rnd (Reproduction)
Our Price: $19.99
Original M1 Carbine Magazine 15 Rnd
Our Price: $34.99