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P14 Enfield Rifle Caliber .303 British

P14 Enfield Rifle Caliber .303 British

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P14 Enfield Rifle British .303 Caliber

We are proud to present our newest shipment of P14 Enfield rifles chambered in .303 British. These rifles are in beautiful original condition and are 100% functional. These rifles came directly from Ethiopia after being in storage for many decades. The Enfield P14 rifles saw use in World War I, World War II, and many other subsequent conflicts. This is an incredibly rare chance to get ahold of a beautiful piece of history!

We have all three manufacturers available; Eddystone, Winchester, and Remington.

A Brief History of the Enfield P17:

Before World War I, the British had the Short Magazine Lee–Enfield (SMLE) as their main rifle. Compared to the German Mausers or U.S. 1903 Springfield, the SMLE's .303 rimmed cartridge, originally a black powder cartridge, was ill-suited for feeding in magazine or belt-fed weapons and the SMLE was thought to be less accurate than its competition at longer ranges. The long-range accuracy of the German 7×57mm Mauser Model 1895 in the hands of Boer marksmen during the Boer War (1899-1902) made a big impression on the British Army, and a more powerful, modern rifle was desired. Thus, even though improved Lee–Enfield variants (the SMLE) and .303 British Mark VII ammunition with pointed (spitzer) projectiles entered service after the Boer War in 1910, a committee was formed to develop an entirely new design of rifle and cartridge. The starting point was to copy many of the features of the Mauser system. The rifle was developed at the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield (arsenal) in the United Kingdom.

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