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Gewehr 98 Mauser Fair to Good Condition

Gewehr 98 Mauser Fair to Good Condition

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We just received a small quantity of Imperial German Gewehr 98 rifles. Many of them have the Lion of Judah stamped on them. Most rifles have Imperial German markings. We also have some rifles with scrubbed German markings having only the Lion of Judah for Abyssinian Empire. These rifles may feature a Kar. 98 receiver marking with all other standard features of the Gew. 98 (ie. the roller coaster rear sight, full length rifle barrel, etc.) This version of the Gew. 98 was never imported before into the US. Only an extreme small quantity is available. The rifles are in fair to good condition. They might have some minor cracks or some pitting.

Bores are usually poor since the ammunition was corrosive and the bores were not properly cleaned. These rifles are over 100 years old and a beautiful piece for any Mauser collection.

Please take a look at the pictures. Chambered in 8mm Mauser.

These last remaining rifles have all markings as described above. The stock might have a minor crack. They all have original markings. Various manufacturers available. These rifles can be restored with TLC and elbow grease. Remember, once these are gone, there will be no more!

The Gewehr 98 was introduced into the German military services in 1898, replacing the Gewehr 1888. The bolt action design was the latest refinement of the 1895 design patented by Paul Mauser and already in service in many other countries. Mauser rifles had become recognized as the world standard, and the German Army had become outclassed by a German-made rifle in the hands of foreign soldiers. But, the Gewehr 98, and its further improvements like the K98K, became renowned as the superlative military small arm and thrust the German military to the position of the best equipped military force for decades * About the Grading -The rifles have dents, dings, scrapes, gouges, discoloration and possible small cracks in the stocks. You can also expect anywhere from minimal bluing wear to a lot of bluing wear, and we have even seen some surface rust on a few. We have not seen any rust that would not clean up well. We do offer a hand select for cosmetics that will offer you one of the nicer looking ones if that is your desire but please know that even a hand select is not going to be gorgeous.... just one of the better ones in the group. Now for the good news, as we said before these rifles have been stored intact in a military depot for quite some time. As such, they are as close to true military turn in Mauser rifles as I have ever seen. By that I mean that they do not appear to be parted together " Frankenstein " guns. We do not guarantee for matching numbers. In addition to that, these are very consistent in color and as a group have a certain uniformity about them that makes them appear to be true military turn in's which I am certain that they are. As a matter of fact, in that manner they are very similar to our Chinese military turn in SKS rifles. We do not warranty for cosmetic's as we have tried to be as honest as possible in describing these rifles. As such, if the possibility of receiving a rifle that is less than a beauty queen is a deal breaker, then don't order one. However, we do warranty them for function and we think that they are a tremendous value as they are as close to military turn-in's as we have ever seen for long stored Mauser's. Don't let my overly honest description of the rifles fool you. We always try to allow for the lower end in the bunch when describing our surplus because let's face it, someone is going to get the ugliest one there. Having said that, these rifles have not been as readily available in the U.S. marketplace for several years now and we are proud to be able to offer them at what we think is a fantastic price. Get yours today. No Mauser collection is complete without the addition of one of these rare rifles. .... Don't Miss This.......C & R Eligible Important - As noted above these are arsenal turn in rifles and while we have done a dry function test here before shipping, the rifles have not had the bores cleaned nor have they been checked by a gunsmith. As with all surplus firearms the rifle should be thoroughly cleaned before firing. Also, please be sure that the bore is clear and unobstructed. Finally, a good rule of thumb with any surplus is to have your local gunsmith do a safety check before attempting to fire.


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