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VZ 52/57 RIFLE 7.62x39.
VZ 52/57 RIFLE 7.62x39.

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Original VZ 52/57 available now! We only have a small quantity left. Once these rifles are gone there will be no more.
All rifles are 100% functional and complete. The condition is fair to very good. Only 19 left! We inspected all warehouses in Ethiopia, and these were the only rifles remaining! Get yours today!

The Czech M52, commonly referred to as the Vz-52, is a rare Czech-made rifle highly sought after by shooters and collectors alike. Even rarer... in fact much rarer, is the Vz52 /57 chambered in 7.62x39. That is what this small lot is. The rifle comes complete with side-fold bayonet. These rifles are classified as NRA surplus Good Condition.

What a find. The Czech Vz-52 rifle is one of the rarest and most highly collectible semi-auto battle rifles of the modern (post-WWII) era. They were, and are, extremely difficult to get. This is why we are so proud to be able to offer this very exclusive small lot. VZ-52/57 rifles are considered highly reliable due to their piston-driven gas system and the tilting bolt locking mechanism. One of the most important things about these rifles is that they are chambered in the easy to find 7.62X39 cartridge.

These rifles are highly collectible and excellent shooters.

We were able to get these rifles as part of a larger group of surplus that the importer had been working on for some time. While VZ-52/57 rifles were a little more common on the surplus market a couple of decades ago, they were never produced in large quantities and, as such, are considered somewhat rare. In fact, over the last several years, this rifle has been almost non-existent in the U.S. marketplace. As a case in point based on a quick internet search recently, we only saw a couple of these guns listed on some private sales sites, and they were upwards of $1500.00 each. As such, we are tickled pink to be able to land this small lot and offer them at this price.

Regarding the condition: These guns are surplus in original turn in condition and have seen action with their original issue forces, and in all probability, other guerrilla forces in hot spots all over the world. You can expect to see the typical nicks, dings, and bluing wear that is standard to surplus. We looked these rifles over closely. Compared to other small groups of Vz-52 rifles I've seen in the past, I would say the rifles in this batch are overall some of the nicer ones I have ever seen.

A note about the ammo - This rifle fires the very effective 7.62x39 caliber round. This configuration makes finding ammo a breeze so you can enjoy shooting this highly sought after rifle! Regarding the magazines, some of the rifles have the original 7.62x45 magazine (as shown in our picture) while others have the revised 7.62x39 magazine. Both mags will feed the 7.62x39 round and the version of the mag you receive will be luck of draw.

The bottom line is, if you are into surplus or a collector of rare military rifles, you are going to want one of these. As a bonus, they are excellent shooters as well. These guns are truly hand select. Then for $25 more, you can get the top notch hand select by the owner.

C&R Eligible.

*Some rifles have slings or pieces of slings on them and some do not. Getting a sling is entirely the luck of the draw, and any images reflecting a sling are simply for informational purposes. The rifle will ship as it came to us. If it had a sling, it would ship with a sling. If it did not, it will not.

C&R or FFL required

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